• Better Browsing Experience? And Money Saving? All Are Achievable on Brand-New Refaced Leawo.com

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    Shenzhen, China, April 10th, 2013 – After nearly half a year of discussing, designing, modifying and composing, finally, on April 10th, 2013, the brand-new redesigned Leawo.com has been launched to the public officially. The new website appearance and structure would no doubt deliver better browsing experience. To celebrate the website update, Leawo kicked off a one-month full-scale 25% off price cut until May 10th to provide material benefit for users.

    Known to all, Leawo mainly specializes in processing and broadcasting media over the Internet as well as in the daily life. Our products include DVD Converters, Video Converters, FLV Converters, PowerPoint Converters, iOS device assistants, Blu-ray converting/burning solutions, and other mobile device solutions for both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X platforms to improve people’s digital entertainment. But, at the same time, as a professional multimedia solution provider, Leawo has always been focusing on providing customers with solid products and service, as well as user-friendly browsing experience and material benefit.

    Leawo website

    What’s new in the new Leawo.com:

    1. Clearer navigation and products classification: On the top horizontal navigation bar, all items on Leawo are classified in different categories, including: Video Tools, Blu-ray/DVD Tools, Utilities, PowerPoint Tools and Mobile. Each category includes different media solution tools in both Windows and Mac versions. This makes it easier for visitors to browse the target tools needed. Also, on the upper side, visitors could easily get access to the latest activities Leawo is holding, like the current ongoing Easter Special Offer.

    2. Fresher color style: Compared with the previous layout of Leawo.com, the redesigned new interface no doubt delivers better user-experience. Simply from the overall appearance, the new interface delivers a softer and fresher visual effect in several different colors. Meanwhile, the new interface gets fewer text descriptions, but replaced with colorful icons, vivid images and watchable video demos in different colors, which deliver soft and colorful visual effect for reading.

    3. Richer software knowledge base: In the new model, Leawo added more software knowledge tips to enricher the knowledge base and provide more solutions for helping people solve media converting problems, including: technical tips, latest device tips, trending movie tips, free wallpapers, etc.

    4. Much more readable products description: The new site model also optimized the product description. The text descriptions on the new interface become simple and easy to understand, with detailed functions displayed in a clear and straightforward way. It becomes easier for people to get to know the key points of each item on Leawo. No eye strain would happen on the new interface.

    5. Optimized site structure results in faster loading into Leawo: With both content and structure optimized, visitors could visit Leawo.com in far shorter time. When visitors switch from one page to another inside Leawo, no hassles would exist. The website delivers quick response to visitors’ orders.

    To celebrate the successful renewing of Leawo website, Leawo kicked off a Full-scale 25% off price cut from April 10th to May 10th. During the activity duration, any person could make full use of the coupon code – NLEA25 to enjoy the 25% off discount offer on any item from Leawo. This means that Leawo’s items are priced starting from $11.2 only.

    For more detailed information about the new Leawo website, please pay a visit to the company website (http://www.leawo.com/).

    Contact Person:
    Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
    Chief Executive Officer
    Email: contact@leawo.com

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  • Christmas blockbuster: Leawo kicks off up to 40% discount on all video converter products

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    Note: Leawo debuted Christmas offer with up to 40% discounts applied to all of its products, including Leawo Video Converter, DVD Ripper, Mac Video Converter and a series of AVI, MP4, 3GP, iPod/iPhone and PSP converters. It is a real boon to those who are searching for video format solutions.

    As a professional media format solution provider, Leawo Software today debuted a full-scale discount on all of its video converter products, boasting an up to 40% rebate rate for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Leawo applied discounts to all of its video converters for Windows, DVD rippers and converters and video converters for Mac. The discount is available through direct online purchase page on Leawo official site. The offer will last till Jan 1st. For those who would like to convert their holiday videos, it is the best opportunity to get an effective solution yet with great savings.

    "We have received compliments and good suggestions from our Thanksgiving promotion, which has been our confidence to do it better in this Christmas offer. All of our products are embraced in this discount. We wish all of those who have selected us a merry Christmas with our offer and welcome any valued suggestions to help us work out much better products." Said the manager of Leawo Marketing Department.

    Product discount information and pricings:

    Leawo all-in-one Video Converter, which features Windows 7 compatibility, over 100 convert profiles, HD video conversions, convert parameter settings and edit & trim & crop & watermark customizations, is now at $19.95 per license.

    Leawo DVD Ripper, which features Windows 7 compatibility, copying and converting protected & commercial DVD, subtitle and soundtrack selections, convert parameter settings and edit & trim & crop & watermark customizations, is now at $29.95 per license.

    Leawo Mac Video Converter, which features Snow Leopard compatibility, over 100 convert profiles, HD video conversions, convert parameter settings and bi-window customizations on edit & trim & crop & watermark, is now at $29.95 per license.

    Buy more, get more. More discounts are available for bunch purchase. Please contact Leawo to request the value you deserve.

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