• Samsung reportedly to release 8.3-inch Super Clear LCD TFT Galaxy Note 8 on MWC with Android 4.2 OS

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    The January CES 2013 just ended with a great many successful new electronic products. In the coming February, we would all be glad to welcome the 2013 Mobile World Congress (2013 MWC), which means that a lot of mobile device manufacturers would bring new products to the public. Samsung Mobile is just one of them. Though there’s still some time until the opening of the MWC, various rumors are going heat online.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    As leaked from resources, Samsung would release its brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet on the 2013 Mobile World Congress in February. This new Galaxy Note 8 tablet is one of Samsung Galaxy Note series. The tablet will comes with an 8.3-inch Super Clear LCD TFT screen display. Screen resolution is 1280×800 pixels.  Obviously, if you want to watch HD movies on this new Galaxy tablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would fully satisfy you.

    Other detailed features regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are also exposed online:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs

    The new tablet would be codenamed as Kona, come with 8.3″ TFT (Super Clear LCD) screen display with 1280×800 pixels resolution, run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, support S-Pen stylus, dual-camera (5MP back camera and 1.3MP front camera), 2GB RAM, 16/32GB internal memory storage with up to 32GB microSD card extension slot, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 port, Wi-Fi 802.11/a/b/g/n, A-GPS, etc.

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  • 6 cross-board products on MWC 2012 – Cell phones make everything done

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    The Mobile World Congress 2012 is coming to the end. As the biggest mobile devices show platform for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices, MWC 2012 has brought a lot of exciting mobile devices even in the opening day. Aside the key words like quad-core processor and LTE, this MWC shows a vague boundary between cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc. with cell phones becoming dominant product. With a cell phone, you can do more things than before, like shooting videos, acting as tablets, etc. The cell phone has become a multifunctional product which combines functions of other mobile devices like tablet and camera. More and more cross-board mobile products have been realized to be real products from ideas and concepts years before. Today let’s talk about the 6 cross-board mobile devices emerged in MWC 2012.

    LG Optimus Vu – phone & tablet

    LG Optimus VuLG Optimus Vu is not the first 5 inch device which combines cell phone and tablet. The difference lies in that LG makes this tablet phone experience really like a small notebook. Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the foregoers to try Note style cross-board device, and wins good reputation. One of the differences between Optimus Vu and Note is that Optimus Vu adopts 1024×768 pixels XGA resolution, the full web browser standard for years. Other features LG Optimus Vu includes: dual-core processor, high camera resolution, Android 2.3 OS, etc.

    Nokia Pureview 808 – cell phone & camera

    Nokia Pureview 808The Nokia Pureview 808 announced on MWC 2012, which features a professional camera with up to 41 megapixels, has been a surprise to all. Ever after the announcement, it has brought hot discussion. The shortages include its 640×360 screen resolution and Symbian OS, while the advantage surely comes to its high camera resolution which evens to professional cameras. The image quality captured with this Nokia Pureview 808 has been greatly improved.

    ASUS Padfone – cell phone & tablet

    ASUS PadfoneASUS officially introduces its annual highlight Padfone on MWC 2012, which combines tablet with phone, just like the Motorola Webtop. Two things would influence such kind of mobile devices. One is the user experience. The large screen display should bring more and better user experience for users. The other is price, which would directly influence target clients.

    Samsung Galaxy Beam – cell phone & projector

    Samsung Galaxy BeamSamsung didn’t release Galaxy S lll on MWC 2012, but introduced a projector cell phone Samsung Galaxy Beam to attract eyes. The Samsung Galaxy Beam adopts 4.0 inch WVGA screen display, dual-core ST-Ericsson U8500 Cortex A9 processor, 768 RAM and 2000mAh battery. The built in projector is capable of projecting up to 50 inch visuals.

    LG 3D Max – cell phone & 3D TV

    LG Optimus 3D MaxAnother cross-board mobile device LG announced on MWC 2012 is the LG 3G Max, which combines cell phone and 3D TV. LG announced the first 3D cell phone Optimus 3D on MWC 2011. Compared with Optimus 3D, the 3D Max makes great improvement – thinner body and more stable OS. The LG 3D Max could output 3D movies to large screen TV sets so as to let users watch 3D effect on large screen.

    HTC One series – cell phone & camera

    HTC OneCompared with other HTC devices, HTC One series make big breakthrough, one of which is the image shooting. The Nokia Pureview 808 is good at improving image pixels and quality, while HTC One series focus on the operation and experience of image shooting, in three aspects: 1. Quick image shooting: 0.2 seconds for sharp focusing, 0.7 seconds for starting, up to 99 pieces of continuous capture mode, etc. 2. Breakthrough on experience: shutter. 3. Cloud service: like the DropBox image storage.

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  • An outline preview of MWC 2012: phones and tablets to look forward to

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    No doubt, the upcoming MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress 2012) has become the central focus in the recent electronic mobile industry and among all mobile users and fans. This MWC is scheduled for February 27 – March 1 in Barcelona. In this great electronic mobile product festival, the most well-known smartphone and tablet manufacturers are going to unveil their latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. Until now, it is still not clear what excellent phones and tablets these outstanding manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, etc. would bring to us in this MWC. But with no doubt, it is worthy of longing and waiting for. Upon our collection of various rumors and speculations, we have made an outline preview of MWC 2012 with all the suspected phones and tablets to look forward to.

    MWC 2012HTC: HTC will be the main leader of this MWC, not only for its good fame in mobile phones industry, but also for its numerous devices to release in MWC 2012. HTC would announce at least three new smartphones: The HTC One X (HTC Edge), HTC One S (HTC Ville), and HTC One V (HTC Primo). Additionally, the long-rumored HTC Quattro tablet, powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, might also make an appearance. Other devices HTC may release include: HTC Velocity 4G LTE in Europe, HTC One XL, HTC Fireball, HTC Totem, and a rumored streaming audio service at MWC as well.

    Nokia: Rumor has it that Nokia is to announce a whole bunch of new phones at MWC 2012, and the European version of the Nokia Lumia 900 is very likely to be one of them. Other smartphones Nokia may announce include: Nokia Lumia 610, and Nokia Asha sries (Nokia Asha 203, Nokia Asha 303, Nokia Asha 202). Also, a rumored Nokia N8 successor is said to be released.

    LG: The LG Miracle leaked more than a few times already, seeing the smartphone at MWC 2012 wouldn’t be surprising. The smartphone is expected to be a mid-range Windows Phone device with a 4-inch WVGA NOVA display, 1GHz processor, and a 5-megapixel camera. But this is surely not what LG will bring to us, still many other devices, like: LG Optimus 3D 2, LG X3, and LG Optimus Vu (a 5-inch display with 1024 by 768 pixels of resolution device, said to be similar to Samsung Galaxy Note).

    Sony: That Sony is expected to introduce at least one new Xperia smartphone at MWC 2012, Sony Xperia P. Another mid-range Sony Android device to be released is the Sony Xperia U, which sports a 3.5-inch display with 480 by 854 pixels of resolution and a 1GHz dual-core processor. The Sony smartphone codenamed Pepper is rumored to offer a 3.7-inch 480×854 display and a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Other devices include: Xperia Sola and a Sony tablet codenamed Crystal.

    Samsung: It has been for sure is that Samsung will not be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone at MWC 2012. According to a recent speculation, the Korean manufacturer is to announce a device known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, which is compatible with an S-Pen for input. Some say that a 11.6-inch tablet with a 2.0GHz dual-core processor under the hood and with a high-resolution display might make a debut, but that is just a wild rumor at this time.

    Motorola: There isn’t much reliable information as to what Motorola will present at MWC 2012. However, there is a yet un-named device that might make an appearance at MWC 2012, a Motorola Android 4.0 smartphone powered by an Intel processor which is said to sport a new version of Motorola’s custom user interface and that its camera can take up to 15 shots per second in burst mode.

    There are still many other manufacturers that will bring some excellent phones and tablets to the world at the congress, like Asus (Asus PadFone and a successor to Asus Eee Pad), Panasonic (Panasonic ELUGA and a premium Android smartphone along with ELUGA), Huawei (Huawei Ascend D1 Q), ZTE (ZTE PF200, ZTE N910 and ZTE Mimosa X), and Acer (Acer CloudMobile).

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  • Samsung Galaxy S III is rumored to be released in MWC and available in April with excellent hardware configuration

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    As the successor of the most popular Android smartphone in the market today, the Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III has got great anticipation around the world. And the rumors about the release date and specs of this new smartphone continue it way online. The hottest rumor about this new smartphone is that Samsung will release the Galaxy S III during the 2012 MWC (Mobile World Conference), which would start from February 27th and runs through March 1st in Barcelona, and be available in April in market. That means this long anticipated smartphone might be released in quite a short time.

    Samsung Galaxy S 3Based on the model number of the Galaxy S series, we could make a conclusion that the Galaxy S III would mostly be numbered as GT-i93XX, for the first Galaxy S was within the i90xx range, the Samsung galaxy s II opted for i91xx and also the Galaxy Nexus using the i9250. And according to the following image from Samsung’s official page for Uae (UAE), a particular Samsung GT-i9300 has appeared. Thus we could even be more ensured that the new smartphone might on the way to be release in the near future.

    Samsung Galaxy S 3 leaked

    For the specs of Samsung Galaxy S III, there are no confirmed specs yet in the market. But we could feel sure that it would adopt better hardware and software. We’ve heard outrageous rumors of 2.0 GHz quad-core processors, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage. And according to PhoneArena comments over on twitter have the Galaxy S III coming in with a quad-core processor, 12 megapixel camera, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, HD screen and super thin. No matter what the rumors go, it is sure that this new handset would be excellent for you to better your digital entertainment, like watching HD videos on Galaxy S or playing your Blu-ray/DVD movies on Galaxy S for unlimited enjoyment.

    Whether these details are accurate or not remain to be seen. But apparently, this new smartphone is near in touch for all fans. Stay tuned for more information.

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