• Sony CEO Howard Stringer Leaks Freudian Slip: iPhone 5 Might Adopt Sony’s 8MP Camera Sensor

    Posted on April 2nd, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    It is reported in an interview of The Wall Street Journal that the Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, made a slip ofSony Camera tongue about their cooperation with Apple on the next iPhone 5. Howard Stringer unintentionally leaked that the factory, which is producing the 8MP camera sensor located in Sendai, Japan, had been hit by the earthquake, and so delayed the production of 8MP camera sensor for Apple. And before that, all Apple camera sensors are made by OmniVision, that would meant that Sony is going to produce camera sensors for Apple’s new products. Obviously, this new product is mostly to be iPhone 5.

    On Tuesday, there existed news that Sony had been taking in charge of the 8MP camera sensor production for Apple, instead of OmniVision. But due to some problems in chip production, the shipment was delayed. Sony’s 8MP camera sensor is said to be very suitable mobile phones like Xperia Neo, and their CMOS camera sensor is suitable to be used in circumstances of little dim and noise. These advantages quite meet the requirements of Apple, who often declares only for comprehensive and high quality camera sensors.

    iPhone 5

    And the delay of Sony camera sensor could also explain the reason why iPhone 5 would not take an appearance in WWDC. Though the delay of iOS 5 may have caused great complaint from users, it has saved time for Sony to produce more and better camera sensors to meet more needs. According to this, Apple still keeps its tradition and says nothing on the camera sensors for the next iPhone 5. In the near future, maybe more detailed information could be seen online.

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  • How to Freely Enjoy the Beatles Rock Music on Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

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    The exciting news that the Beatles had landed iTunes last Tuesday must have made so many fans of this band amazing and crazy, especially to those hot fans that have got an iPod, iPhone or iPad as the great convenience for them to buy their favorite Beatles songs, though costing a large amount dollars.

    The latest news showed that the classic Hey Jude has been the most-downloadable song on iTunes during the first days less than a week. It is such popularity for the Beatles on iTunes that many music fans would download these fantastic songs to their portable devices like iPhone, iPod or iPad to fulfill the spare time. The iTunes has brought great convenience for audience in easy downloading music and perfect enjoying.

    The easiest way to get these songs enjoyed on your portable devices is to download your favorite ones right from iTunes store via your device. But, we all know that the music we want to download from iTunes would be downloadable only if we have paid for it. Think about this budget: the present price for each single song of the Beatles is 1.29 dollars, how much would it cost to download so many favorable songs of the band?

    Here, an effective simple method is strongly recommended for you to enjoy your favorite Beatles songs on your portable devices without costing you so many dollars to buy songs from iTunes. You even need not use iTunes to download songs. What you need to do is to download an iPad converter, iPod converter, or an iPhone converter according to your portable device and then convert the Beatles songs to formats your device supports. This simple way would cost much less than directly buying songs from iTunes store and retains the same audio quality for your enjoyment. All these converters support both video and audio input and output to meet your desire with different file formats available. Also, these universal converting tools for your portable devices can decrypt DVD movies; therefore you can decrypt your stored Beatles DVD to your portable devices for enjoyment anytime anywhere.

    Now, you have been acquainted of the ways to freely enjoy your favorite Beatles songs on your portable devices: the way through iTunes which will cost you some dollars to buy Beatles songs and the way to use a converting tool which owns exactly the same effect for enjoyment but cost you less. Which would you choose to listen to the absolutely great Beatles songs?

    ^_^, have a good time with songs converted by these converting tools on your portable devices.

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  • Movies for Hot Summer (1): Watch Movies on iPhone

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    More and more people tend to watch their favorite movies on iPhone and watching movies on iPhone is becoming a fashion. To save money, we can download free movies in other formats except MP4 from a host of free websites, like YouTube, Google, and use video converter to convert movies to iPhone. Then we can have free enjoyment of favorite movies on iPhone with an ice cream in this hot summer.

    Well, love movies and want to watch them on iPhone without any effort? It is just as easy as one-two-three-four-five steps. Follow me and get what you want.

    Prepare work
    Install software: Leawo Free iPhone Video Converter
    Estimated Time of Completion: two minutes
    Where to get movies?
    You can find free movies on YouTube, Google, MSN and almost all popular video sites. Here I have some free and latest movies to recommend and click here to get free download websites. When finding what you want, you can use free video download tools to capture videos. There are too many tools on the internet, but here I recommend a completely free and perfect utility—Leawo Free YouTube Downloader, which works fast and easy to handle.

    Step one: Add movies
    Double click the program icon, you can see the interface as below. Click button "Add" to add the movie files you want to convert.

    Step two: Choose output format and file location
    Press the file folder icon to choose preferred output directory and click the drop down button of "Profile" to choose output file format "iPhone".

    Step three: Edit movies
    If you want to get a personalized output you can edit your movies in the "Customize" panel and there are five sections: Effect, Trim, Crop, Logo, and Text.

    Step four: Complete conversion
    Click the big "Convert" button to start the converting process, you can check to set post-processing options: open the output folder or shut down computer

    Step five: Transfer movie to iPhone
    After finishing converting, you can attach your iPhone to the computer and sync it with Apple iTunes. Open Apple iTunes and drag your movie to your Library window or directly onto your iPhone.
    Now what’s left is to enjoy your favorite movies!

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  • The easiest way to make video effects better with Leawo Video Converter

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    Do you want to make your video look sharp and clear and get rid of the dull color and dark scene? We certainly can do it with a handful of softwares, like the famous Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas. Although these video edit softwares are very strong in doing everything with the videos, they may be too down to the details in edit functions to accommodate simple and quick enhancement on videos. Now you have a light-weight video editor, Leawo Video Converter, to manage it for you. It is a slim and neat video converter, but can suit the need to better video effects in the easiest way. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, audio volume and even deinterlace your videos with Leawo Video Converter, and convert the videos to any format you like via its dedicated feature in video conversion. In this article, let’s learn how to make video effects better step by step.

    First of all, Open Leawo Video Converter and import the video you want to edit. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, most of the videos are supported for input, because Leawo Video Converter is a universal video converter program.


    Then, select any one of the videos on the list and click open the Customization panel. It will set up a control pad where you can start to do changes with the videos.


    Let’s see how to use the settings above to enhance the video effect.

    If the source video shows a little dim, just slide up the brightness so that more details will be revealed on the screen. The brightness control usually works in company with the contrast to compensate for color distortion. Move the sliders and search for the best enhancement you need. It is easy to feel the changes since the adjustment is displayed real-time in the preview window.

    Deinterlace can also contribute to video enhancement. Sometimes you may have videos which are sequence of interlaced picture frames, that is, frame composed of even scanlines followed by frame of odd scanline and repeated. This composition of video is usually generated by some video recorders and works originally on TV with electronic scanlines. Leawo Video Converter offers deinterlace function that will combine the scanlines of even field and odd field, making the video more comfortable for watching on LCD screen and more suitable for further editing.

    Same way goes for Audio Volume enhancement. It is rather disturbing when you have to struggle to tell apart the voice in the movie or feel intense of striking shouts and cries. Leawo Video Converter can help put the sound volume back to acceptable level.

    Apart from video effect enhancement, Leawo Video Converter is capable of trimming, cropping, logo and text applying. Although the terms may be a little raw to your ears, it is not difficult to adapt at all. Finish the video customization and save the video in any format you like. Leawo Video Converter is a powerful video converter all right.

    It is capable of more than 100 kinds of output which are canned in profiles and optimized. Just choose any of the output profile and start converting and saving.



    Congratulations! So far so good. You have already got the ability to better every video you have. With a slim body and ultimate format support plus genuinely useful video edit features, Leawo Video Converter can best suit your need to do essential things with diverse videos. Download it and have a try for yourself!

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