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    Last week, we have witnessed the debut of Apple iPad. Now I believe people are debating fiercely whether or not to buy an Apple iPad. To be honest, I myself am in the camp of those who are eager to buy an iPad, despite the thumb-downs of people who don’t agree with Apple’s lack of support for multitasking and flash support and more dispensable features. I suggest we look at these five reasons to make Apple iPad a compelling buy before you turn your back at this gadget perhaps someday you should have.

    ipad wifi 3gipad wifi only

    Left: WiFi+3G Right: WiFi Only

    1. Apple iPad obviously outperforms normal netbooks. It is light, thin and sturdy, easily tucked into portfolio or a travel pack. With the latest iPhone OS 3.2, derived from matured iPhone OS 3.1, iPad features faster response and smoother operation than general netbooks. Actually when it comes down to a size that small, a tablet makes more sense in practicality than a netbook. Just imagine the ways you operate them in your hands, which do you prefer, type with one hand or write with one hand?
    2. ipad thin profile

    3. Apple iPad boots very fast, that is, in fifteen seconds or so. To put it at standby mode, it can revive all instantly. It will be very convenient to use at your will without having to wait for a long booting and unnecessarily wearing out the battery. You will appreciate that when you give a hurry presentation but without the embarrassment to hold the audience’s patience. As to battery life, Apple iPad can well sustain a general usage of about 10 hours, a standby state of up to a month, despite the large screen and faster CPU which we see as power gobblers.
    4. ipad battery life

    5. Hundreds of thousands of full-fledged apps will make Apple iPad a versatile tablet used in as many occasions as possible. You can have iWork to give presentations, process word documents and spreadsheets, just like PowerPoint, Word and Excel do. You can also use it as a map, a GPS device, an HD video player, an e-Reader, a stock chart; or if you like, iPad can be turned into a keyboard, a piano or a pinball table. It is hard to get bored with a device like iPad that is so connected to life.
    6. Apple iPad is meant to be a promising device, so the limitations on multitasking and flash support are just temporary. I am sure you will be amazed to know Windows 7 can run on Apple iPad with programs running simultaneously. So the bottleneck is not with iPad’s hardware but the OS software. It is said there will be improvements on these issues in the coming iPhone OS 4.0.
    7. run windows 7 on ipad

    8. Apple iPad is definitely cool and irresistible in the first impression. The hype-thin body dimension and responsive multi-touch operation call out thoughts of Sci-Fi technology. It is like the versatile pads always in science officer’s hand in the Star Trek TV series or the lab tablet which easily swaps control with other computers in Avatar. Maybe someday in the future, we will realize that iPad is the ancestor of all those fascinating pads and tablets. It is now really undeniably cool to lay hands on this future pad prototype.
    9. starfleet pad

      StarFleet Science Pad in StarTrek TV series

      avatar tablet

      Lab Tablet in Avatar

    Apple iPad is a big stone casted in the lake of innovation. It is more innovativeness than powerfulness that compels me to have it. For this is the first debut, we can judge it fairly on its features and shortcomings, but let’s hope it gains market and makes a stand, continues to evolve into a refined tablet that everyone should desire to have.

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