• Rumored iPad 3 to Be Ready for Production, May Have a Place in This WWDC

    Posted on April 11th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    A media report from Taiwan reported that Apple had confirmed the accessory suppliers of iPad 3 and the related accessories have been ready for production. The Apple iPad 3 may make an appearance in this WWDC.

    iPad 3

    When other tablet companies are suffering from the material shortage due to the Japan earthquake, Apple has snapped up materials to ensure an abundant supply of materials for the peak period and planed to add new functions like 4G capability and other advantageous features to compete other tablets in market. And according to the news about iPad 3 on this WWDC, many people have been keeping skeptical about this. The iPad 2 has seen a 2.5 million sales in March alone. Though said to be a transition product to iPad 3, iPad 2 has got great attention and achievement for Apple. The great sale of iPad 2 is one of the main reasons for the dissenting voice. And another reason is about the product circle from Apple. Many people said that report of iPad 3 on this WWDC doesn’t meet the product circle of Apple product. That seems to make sense.

    2011: Year of iPad 2

    Still, many other people thought they got hint from Jobs’ words that “2011 is a year of iPad 2”. This could be a very good reason for people to guess no iPad 3 would appear this year.

    Anyway, it would not be false that Apple has confirmed the accessory suppliers for the next generation of iPad. What we could do now is just wait for the latest news for the iPad 3.

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