• iOS 10.2 Released for All iOS 10 Compatible Devices

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    iOS 10.2 is for all iOS 10 compatible devices, which means the iPhone 5 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Pro range and the 6th generation iPod touch or later. Updating iOS 10.2 is simple. Upgrade prompts should be received automatically, but if you haven’t received a prompt yet it can be triggered manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update. However, the update doesn’t bring the crucial fixes many users crave and instead carries something else you might not have been expecting.

    iOS 10.2 brings no fixes for the ” 30% bug” issue for batteries. Though it has widened the range of affected 6S model numbers entitled to free battery replacements), Apple continues to deny any model other than the iPhone 6S is affected.

    iOS 10.2, as the version number implies, is a fairly substantial update from Apple. The big additions are the release of ‘TV’ and 100s of new emoji.

    TV has replaced the ‘Videos’ app on iOS since day one. As the name implies, it brings tighter integration of movies and TVs you have rented or purchased and integrates with iTunes and third party apps making it something of a media hub. But with both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video snubbing integration it has substantial gaps, for now.

    Over 100 new emoji including new faces, food, animals, sports, and professions (and a pop superstar secret) and all existing emoji have been redesigned. They’re a little too detailed for my liking now, but that’s purely personal preference.

    iOS 10.2 improved stabilisation and faster frame rates for Live Photos, improved facial recognition for more accurate searching by person in the People album and additional support for RAW digital cameras.

    new Love and Celebration full screen effects were added to Messages.

    For Music, people now can swipe up the Now Playing screen to more easily access Shuffle, Repeat and Up Next and the added ability to choose how to sort Playlists, Albums and Songs in Library

    A new ‘Saved’ section for, well, stories you’ve saved – making this a Pocket/Instapaper rival, a ‘For You’ section also shows paid stories from your subscription channels and you can now swipe left to go to the next story when reading.

    HomeKit – accessories finally receive notification support which is big news in particular for IoT devices like smoke alarms

    iOS 10.2 also provides fixes for bugs in Messages, Photos, Music, Camera, Mail, Siri, FaceTime, Safari and VoiceOver. There are also several security fixes including exploits in memory, graphics drivers and user profiles.

    iOS 10.2 is now available for downloading. Before updating to the newest iOS version, please keep in mind that you need to backup your iPhone with iTunes/iCloud first for safeguard.

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  • 10 New Features of iOS 10 Worth the Upgrade

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    Apple released iOS 10 on September 7, 2016, together with the latest iPhone (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus), and Apple Watch 2. Many iOS users have no idea whether or not to upgrade their devices to iOS 10. Actually, iOS is packed with useful features that will give your iPhone or iPad a much-needed refresh. Here is a look at 10 new features of iOS 10.

    #1: Raise to wake

    The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up your phone is that the lock screen turns on without your even touching the home button. The new raise-to-wake feature uses the M9 co-processor on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus to detect motion so you can check the time and notifications on the fly. To turn off the feature, go the “Display and brightness” option in the Settings page, and click on the raise-to-wake switch.

    #2: Quick camera launch

    Launching the camera app from your lockscreen is even faster in iOS 10. Just swipe left from the main page to capture that candid shot.

    #3: Sort photos by faces and places

    The photo app in iOS 10 automatically sorts through your endless reel and organizes your shots based on places and people in the Albums tab. Or you can really narrow down your search by date, place or person using the search feature at the top of this page. To assign a name to a face, just click on a picture where that person appears, press Details, People and Add name at the top.

    #4: Hide stock apps

    Apple finally lets you get rid of those useless apps cluttering your home screen in iOS 10. Delete as you would any other app: Press and hold on the app icon until it begins to shake and hit the X to remove. This won’t get rid of the app for good, but at least it will remain hidden until you redownload in the App store.

    #5: 3D-touch Control Center

    Apple doesn’t let you customize your Control Center yet, but at least you’ll have more shortcuts to chose from on this screen. If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus you can 3D-touch the icons at the bottom to pull up a new list of options without leaving the page, or slide left to access the music remote.

    #6: Voice mail transcription

    Next time you get a missed call from an unknown number, don’t bother listening to the voice mail. iOS 10 gives you a full transcription of the message directly from your Voicemail tab in the phone app. Click on the name or number in this screen to open the transcription and share it as an email or text from the share icon at the top. The transcription is not perfect, and it’s only available in English at the time when this article was written.

    #7: Bilingual keyboard

    If you type in more than one language, chances are this feature will save you from an autocorrect nightmare. Once you’ve installed the keyboard languages you want in the Settings, the Messages app will automatically detect which one you are typing to save you from having to switch manually from the globe icon.

    #8: Live links in messages

    Another practical feature in the Messages app that lets you preview a link without leaving the chat window. Paste the URL in the chat bubble and send. The app automatically renders a thumbnail preview with the title, or the full video player if it’s a YouTube link.

    #9: Use Siri with third-party apps

    Voice control has become much more useful in iOS 10 now that Siri can control more than just Apple’s own apps. Some of the third-party apps with Siri integration at launch include Square Cash, WhatsApp, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

    #10: Lyrics!

    Apple music now lets you belt out your favorite Adele song right from the app. Start playing the song, click on the song bar at the bottom to maximize and scroll down until you see the lyrics. Not all songs have this option at the time we wrote this article.

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