• More details on Apple iCloud Music Service before the official release on WWDC

    Posted on June 3rd, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    From the Apple Press, it has been widely known that Apple will officially introduce its Apple iCloud Music service on the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June 6. And right a few days before this big conference, we could have more details about Apple iCloud Music Service from LATimes.

    Apple WWDC

    According to LATimes, in the preliminary stage, Apple iCloud Music Service will allow users to save their iTunes music onto the iCloud Music Service sever and enjoy music from Web browsers or Apple devices. Apple provides free trial period for users who purchase music from iTunes, and when it is out of trial period, users have to pay $25 per year for the iCloud service, much lower than the previous $99 MobileMe service.

    It is also reported that Apple has contracted with the Universal Music Group to prepare for the Apple iCloud Music service. Plus the previously contracts with Sony, Warner and EMI, Apple seems to have made enough preparation work for its iCloud service.

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  • Apple has contracted with Sony Corp., EMI Group, and Warner Music Group for iTunes iCloud Music Service

    Posted on May 20th, 2011 David Brooks No comments

    It is reported that Apple has reached licensing accords with Sony Corp., EMI Group, and Warner Music Group to allow users to access song collections from mobile devices via the Internet. This report also indicates that a contract between Apple and these three recording companies upon the Apple iCloud music service has been created. Another insider shows the Apple iCloud service contract between Apple and Universal Music Group, the largest recording company in the world, will be created soon. Apple is on the way to sign more contracts with music publishers for their copyrights of diversified music.

    Apple iCloud

    There has no comment from Apple’s spokesman Natalie Kerris, so do the recording companies above.

    Not confirmed to be charged or not

    There is no confirmed news on whether Apple would charge for iCloud music service. The new Apple iTunes music service is said to be combined with new MobileMe, which enables users to log in via computer, iPhone, iPad and other devices to enjoy music without the need to download music after purchasing. Once the contract confirmed, Apple would push out its own iCloud music service in the inauguration of WWDC on June 6th.

    iPhone iCloud music

    People familiar with the matter said Apple’s rumored cloud music service won’t require users to upload online collections, giving the company a significant advantage over rivals Google and Amazon. Amazon launched its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services in March, and Google launched a Music Beta cloud service last week.

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