• 6 Highlights of Google I/O Conference 2013 Keynote Speech

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    The 3-hour-long Google I/O keynote came with abundant announcements. Out of our expectations, the most anticipated Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will not be announced during Google I/O. and maybe Google thought they brought so many hardware devices in the last I/O conference, this Google I/O mostly focuses on software and service. There’s no Google Glass, Nexus Q, nor the rumored X Phone and new Nexus 7 tablet. The only device scheduled to appear in Google I/O is Google Galaxy S 4, the Google version of Samsung Galaxy S 4 with the native Android OS. Of course, every attendee would get a free Chrome Book Pixel as a gift, though still not a new thing.

    But you needn’t get disappointed. In the three hours keynote, many Google staff explained dozens of new functions and services, which are creative and attractive, like the Google Search, Google Maps, etc. To sum up, there’re at least 6 highlights of Google I/O conference 2013.

    Google Play Games Services

    Google Play Games Service

    Google, on the Google I/O conference, officially announced its brand-new gaming service, the Google Play Games Services, which has been reported before. This new gaming service is to compete with Apple’s GameCenter. Compared with GameCenter, the advantages of Google Play Games Services include its ability to save gaming progress online, sync between multiple devices including iOS and WEB, combine gaming chart to Google+, etc. New functions would be noticed via Google Play Services update.

    Google Play Music Services

    Google Play Music ServiceGoogle also brings new Google Play Music Serivces, which charges for $9.99 per month as preorder price in USA. Preorder before June 30 would save $2 per month. This new service provides people with ability to create music radio, personal recommendation, customization, etc. It’s still not clear whether it supports to save to local disk.


    Google built a Google Play app store exclusively for teachers. Students only need to get a Google account, then teachers could help them to select proper apps and push and install the apps on students’ tablets or PCs. Not only apps, but also books and videos could be done in such way. The Google Play educational version would start this fall, while receiving apps from developers from summer.



    Whether you think that Google+ is a Facebook competitor or not, the 41 features introduced today will get your attention. The stream itself, which now has 190 million monthly active users, is now three-columned and has interactive animations all over the place. Google says that the stream was flat, so it needed a fresh take.

    If you’re into taking photos, Google has finally integrated all of Nik’s professional photo suite goodies and will now auto-enhance your shots with something they call “Awesome.”

    Not a photographer, but chat with your friends a lot? GTalk, Talk, Google Chat or whatever you’ve been referring to it is gone. Hangouts is in, and it’s an app for iOS, Android and the desktop. It has video and text chats, complete with emoji and presence. We’re just glad that they didn’t call it Babel, which was the real internal name for the project.

    The takeaway here is that Google knows that you want to talk to your friends and family. It thinks that if it can integrate features to facilitate your communication from anywhere — at your desk or on your phone or tablet — they have you covered.

    Google Search

    Google Search

    Search is getting smarter these days. Google knows that you go to its site whenever you can’t think of something, but it wants you to be able to ask it questions naturally. You can do that on Android and iOS with Google Now, but the company announced conversational search for the desktop today. Speaking of Google Now, you can get public transit information, as well as details on your favorite TV shows, books and video games.

    Knowledge Graph, which fires in little snippets of information when you perform a search, added some new languages and statistics.

    The takeaway here is that Google wants even more of your searches, but would rather you sit back and relax while performing them. There’s no need to think about how to get the best search result, simply ask a question.

    Google Maps

    Google Maps

    Getting the gist yet? Google is refreshing all the things to make them easier to use, develop for and discuss with your Mom and Dad. Speaking of Mom and Dad, they probably use Google Maps to get just about everywhere.

    Mobile Maps users will get a new experience come summertime, while the desktop experience got such a complete overhaul that they’ve only made it available in preview mode as to not give anyone a heart attack. Want to see it for yourself? Check out our hands-on look.

    The takeaway here is that Google Maps has been a force for almost 10 years. It was time to make the product more user friendly, helping you discover new places and not just get from point A to point B.

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  • Google announced two brand-new ChromeBooks on Google I/O Developer Conference 2011

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    Chrome stars today’s conference of Google I/O, including new Chrome version, optimized Chrome App storeChrome and Chrome OS. Chrome OS, being the focus of today, gets more attractions, but regretfully no new Chrome OS released. Instead, two new Chrome notebooks are released during the conference.

    Sunda Pichai, vice present of Google said the Chrome notebook CR-48 received great popularity, which means more and more business clients starts to accept Chrome OS. For this year, Acer, Samsung and Intel would become new partners of Chrome OS, and the future Chrome notebooks would be called as Chromebook.

    Sundar Pichai made a live demo of Samsung Chromebook and Acer Chromebook. 12-inch Chromebook from Samsung marks 8-second start-up and 8-second stand-by, with 2 colors for users’ preference. 11.6-inch Chromebook from Acer features 8-second start-up as well but 6.5-hour stand-by.

    Samsung Chromebook

    These two pieces of Chromebook will cooperate with American local carriers so as to launch the Wi-Fi version and 3G version, but the contract price of the 3G version Chromebook has not been announced yet. As for bare version price, Samsung Chromebook prices at $429 and Acer Chromebook prices at $349. Both of this two will be put into the American market on June, 15, 2011 and later in another six countries in Europe.

    Acer Chromebook

     In addition, Sundar Pichai also demonstrated a piece of PC based on Chrome OS. This product is Samsung branded and with a name Chromebox. But the detailed specifications of Chromebox remain unknown.

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  • Google released Android 3.1 OS and Music Beta at the opening day of Google I/O Developer Conference 2011

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    In the remarkable Google I/O Developer Conference 2011, Google does not disappoint anticipants with their new and upgraded products and services. At the opening day of this remarkable conference, Google released several long anticipated products and services, including the Android Honeycomb 3.1 and the Music Beta by Google.

    Android Honeycomb 3.1

    Honeycomb is Android’s specific tablet OS which has been considered fairly well, but indeed need updates to be perfect. This new Android Honeycomb 3.1 will fix some of the minor problems we had with Honeycomb, like not being able to scroll through recently-opened apps or not being able to re-size widgets.

    Music has long been a weakness of Android’s–its stock music app is jarringly bad, both ugly and confusing, and without a native music purchase system like Apple’s iTunes or Microsoft’s Zune. Music Beta by Google (or, Google Music) is a Cloud music service, which is not a store like iTunes, or a subscription service like Rdio or Rhapsody, but more of a specialized chunk of online storage. You upload your music (20GB, at first) to this storage locker online, and then can access it from your Android device–as long as you have an internet connection.

    Cloud Music

    Other new things of this conference are just like what I predicted before. The Ice Cream Sandwich plays an important role in this conference. One we did not expect to emerge is the Android@Home, an open-source project that’ll let developers create home automation apps with any appliance that’s plugged into an Android@Home receiver. Google also announced the Android ADK, a sort of collection of tools to allow hackers and developers to make new stuff with Android and an Arduino microprocessor.

    The conference is still on the way, and we think that there must be more new surprises to be announced. Just wait for the latest news about the conference.

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