• Voices of People with Thankfulness on Thanksgiving Day: Thank You for Being with Us through Thick and Thin

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    The Thanksgiving Day you are looking forward so eagerly finally hits on this cold yet warm winter 2010. What will you going to do on Thanksgiving 2010 brimming with love, wishes and gratitude? There are voices from different groups of people:

    Voices of Children: Thanksgiving Day is coming again and it is a really good time for back-feeding. Our parents just retire from the hustle and bustle of work and enter the doleful and lonely “empty nest”. Because of the hectic life during working time we can not spend much time in taking care of them. We should always bear in mind that the current state of our parents is just what we will be in the future. So as children, we will take advantage of this Thanksgiving and sincerely show our filial piety to them in a timely manner, for instance, buying some gifts for them, saying “Thank you Mom and Daddy, I love you” to them or just staying together with them.

    Voices of students: As we grow older, we went through primary, secondary and even higher education. We would often say that teachers are the industrious gardeners, nurturing the flowers of the future. It is true that our mentors teach us patiently and painstakingly, and what drive them to work so wholeheartedly are providing us with a bright future and bringing up a new generation for the future. It is a good opportunity for us to express our gratitude to them on Thanksgiving holiday. Except for our parents, we receive the greatest aid from teachers who have taught us and have been teaching us. A bunch of fragrant flowers with great appreciation is our first and the best choice.

    Voices of beneficiaries:On the path of growth, we have received help from lots of kind-hearted strangers so we have so many people to thank for on Thanksgiving holiday. But what regretful is that we can not find the one we just have met once among the vast sea of faces. So we are ready to stretch out our helping hands and offer the people in need the endless warm we have felt before. We exhaust what we can do, for example, handing a cup of hot water or offering a hot towel, the receivers will surely feel warm like in the spring.

    Voices of Leawo: We remember all the time that on the road we hope to achieve a splendid future, you are always being with us through thick and thin. When we plunge into the most sluggish period, you encourage us, never leaving far away from us. When we enter into the flourishing period, you spur us, giving us support and trust. So from this point of view, we have enough good grounds to believe you are the ones we have to thank for. Our Thanksgiving activities designed for you are on the way now: All the products on Leawo will be promotional items that enjoy a rather lower price, and more surprisingly, if you are our Leawo Facebook fans you can win the chance to obtain our hot-selling product giveaway and buy our ultra-low discounted product only by fanning us on Facebook. We hope all of you can receive our Thanksgiving wishes and have a happy Thanksgiving.

    Have you decided what you are going to do today? If not, why not try to join Leawo website promotion feast and taste the rich sales promotion meal? Go Go Go…Guys!

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  • Time-limited Giveaway – MP4 Converter from Leawo Software

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    There are many file formats and extensions that are in wide use today, so there is bound to be discrepancies as for which media player plays which video format. Well, never be trapped in video format for your video enjoyment, just leave the whole matter to a suitable video converting software.

    Let us say, you have lots of videos and want to convert them to MP4 format for playback on mobile devices or uploading to Youtube or any other purpose, then you need to first obtain a qualified MP4 converter to accomplish the task.

    Of course, you can pick one from the multiple video converters available over internet, all of which are wrapped with lush rhetoric. Some of them are free while others require a small amount of pay. You can download a free version and use it instantly, leaving your computer to the possible virus, or pay for the so-called pro version for more features while uncertain about whether it will meet your demands.

    Then before you are too hyped up and ready to download or take out your credit card to purchase the MP4 video converting software, here is good news for you from Leawo Software. Leawo time-limited giveaway is on the go, and you can free get Leawo MP4 Converter now! The most important is that the Giveaway MP4 Converter is a totally clean, powerful MP4 video converter without any function limit. You can have a relieved try and enjoy the full capability of the pro version of this MP4 converter.

    How to get GIVEAWAY MP4 Converter?

    Since this Giveaway is for Leawo Facebook Fans only, you have to be a fan of Leawo Facebook first, enter your first name, last name as well as E-mail address to get the registration code. The E-mail will be sent to you immediately after your submission.

    You can get more information about Leawo MP4 Converter from here.

    Note: one thing need to specify, Leawo doesn’t support free upgrade service, nor free technical support for the Giveaway version. More information at http://www.leawo.com/software-giveaway.html

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