• Best Blu-ray Copy Software with No Trail Periods and Optimized Registration

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    Question 1: How can I prevent my precious blu-ray discs from scratches after repeated use?

    Answer: Blu-ray copy software helps you make 1:1 Blu-ray disc to disc duplication or backup your Blu-ray movie on hard disc.

    Question 2: When I downloaded some Blu-ray copy software I found there was trail time limitation, is there some Blu-ray Copy software without trail periods recommended?

    Answer: Yes, Leawo Blu-ray Copy is what you exactly need.

    Question 3: I want a registered version of Blu-ray Copy, however, when I register online, the registration failed. What’s the matter?

    Answer: Some bug of the program leads to the failure, this problem can be solved through optimizing the program.

     Have you ever come across the problems above? I bet the answer is simply yes. Well, now you will feel relieved with Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0, which features in no trail periods and optimized registration.

     OK, first I would like to briefly introduce the main functions of Leawo Blu-ray Copy:

     Powerful Blu-ray DVD decryption to perfectly decrypt most Blu-ray DVD, including Avatar BD+.

    Quality-loss Blu-ray copy for movie backup on hard disc.

     Identical Blu-ray disc to disc duplication.

     Creates ISO image of Blu-ray movie for backup on PC.

     Remove CSS protection of commercial and standard DVD movie for backup.

    Fast speed and easy GUI.

    Of course, these functions have been experienced by international customers and won highly praise. So I will not dwell on them any more. Now Leawo Blu-ray Copy upgrades with two main features which benefit the customers a lot:

    Firstly, 30-day trail restriction has been removed, freeing you from re-downloading after 30 days since you got a trail version. BTW, you can experience all the features of the registered version with the trail version except that you can only copy part of your movie.

    Secondly, the program has been optimized, ensuring maximum satisfaction and smooth registration online.

    Take this choice Blu-ray Copy, free your Blu-ray discs from any harm. Have fun!

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