• 3 Best Ways to Block Phone Calls on Your Android Phone

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    Lately the questions like “How can I block unwanted calls on my Android phone” are flooding in some renowned Q&A stations. So have you ever wondered how to block those annoyed phone calls and spam messages? Possibly you are tired of those Pesky Sales calls and text messages which disturb you day and night. Possibly you never want to hear from your ex again. Fear not! Here I will introduce 3 ways to help you block incoming phone number on Android. Firstly I will show you how to block phone calls without an app, then I will suggest 3 highly rated call blocking apps to do you a big favor. Check out.

    1. Block Phone Calls on Your Android Smartphone

    The first method I introduce will be slightly different while in practical operation, just because different people holds different Android phone yet with different Android version. But here I still choose to take Samsung Galaxy S3 as an example to show you how to block incoming phone calls. You could even follow the screenshots below to complete the call blocking operation in a more intuitive way.

    Start hitting Phone> Menu > Call settings > Call rejection > Auto reject list. You can simply tick the Auto reject mode box to auto reject all unknown numbers. You can tap Create and enter specific numbers or contacts into this list. You can also do this from the Contacts app by navigating to the contact you want to reject calls from and hitting Menu, then selecting Add to reject list.

    Rejecting unwanted calls with a text message is also possible by dragging Reject all with message up when a call comes in. You can add a customized text message to the reject list via going to Phone > Menu > Call settings > Set reject messages and add a custom text there.

    Sending caller straight to voicemail is also a quite handy option featured in most stock versions of Android. Just go to the contact in question, hit Menu, select Options and then check incoming calls. This will send calls from that particular contact directly to voicemail.

    All Android mobiles should have the option to auto reject calls from specific contacts but unfortunately some carriers block this feature to offer services of their own. In general, their features could be found in the Parental Controls Option but they might charge you for the service.

    2. Use Google Voice to Block Phone Number

    If you use Google Voice, what may make your thrilled is that this app fully supports spam filter. It has a database of known spam numbers which can be automatically blocked. It offers you a solution that allows you to completely block the caller instead of sending them to voicemail.

    You can go to Contacts in Google Voice, tick the checkbox next to the one you want to block (If the contact does not exist, click New and enter the contact name and phone number) and choose Edit Google Voice Settings > When this contact calls you: and choose Sent to voicemail, Treat as spam or Block caller.

    If you want to turn on the automatic spam filter, just go to Voice Settings > Call and tick Global Spam Filtering.

    3. Use Android Apps to Block Calls and Text Messages

    If you consider above 2 options are not right for you, or you want a more user friendly way to block calls on your Android phone, then a call blocker app might be your best bet. Here are 3 best Android call blocking apps to block all your unwanted, Pesky Sales calls and text messages. Once you add unwanted caller into the Apps black list, all calls and text messages related to thus caller will be automatically rejected by the Apps, so you will never get distraction from unwanted calls and text messages. Now check out those 3 solid Android call blocking app options.

    1. Mr. Number Text, Call & Block (Free)

    My favorite call blocking Android app. As a great call blocker app getting tons of great reviews, Mr. Number Text, Call & Block allows you to block unwanted messages and calls. With it, you can easily get information related to US businesses that call your mobile phone and reverse lookup phone numbers. Its most stunning feature is that it could block calls and message with an area code of one person or to the entire world. Besides, it stops calls and texts from private/unknown numbers, and you can report any mobile number as spam by using this app.

    2. Call control-Call blocker (Free)

    Another popular app to block calls on Android. It has a big list of user reported active spam callers that you can select to automatically block. The community blacklist stops telemarketers, debt collectors and other spam calls before they bother you. With this app, you can block any phone number or block any area code; you can do the reverse lookup of any mobile number. What makes you wowed is that this app is powered by the FCC Do Not Call Registry, which could block reported offenders automatically. However, the pity is that there is only 14-day for you to experience the full features of this call blocking app. After that, the app will revert to a limited “Lite” version, and you have to pay for $8 to embrace the full app.

    3. Call Blocker (Free)

    This call blocking Android app could do more than your imagination. Block calls, block spam SMS, report the mobile number, and lots of other things so as to make you have an uninterrupted life. Apart from incoming call blocking features, you can still make use of this app to backup our contacts on the server so as to never lose them. Besides, this call blocker app could perform as a privacy eraser to let you quickly and easily erase the call history, delete SMS messages between your phone and individual contacts permanently to protect private data. With it, you can even create a private area where you could hid contacts and call logs or SMS thereof. Just enjoy a spam free life with this completely free Android call blocker app.

    Do you use any other great call blocking Android apps? Or do you have any other best way to block phone calls and spam messages on your Android phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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