• Will iPad mini 2 Being Released In this Autumn?

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    iPad mini 2 with Retina or Not

    The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook mentioned previously that a line of new products would launch in the autumn and during 2014. Apple users are looking forward to the new iPad mini and iPad, however, according to the iPad mini rumors and news, Apple may delay the release date of iPad mini 2 because of the further design of iPad mini’s specifications.

    We may not be unfamiliar with Retina Display. This technology was first being applied on iPhone 4 and won much highly praise. Then Apple started to use Retina Display on all the Apple products. From iPhone to iPad, the Retina Display technology let people have wonderful visual experience. Although Apple is not the first company to apply the Retina Display to its products, it is the one that let the Retina Display become famous among around the world.

    Let’s take a review at the screen of the first generation of iPad mini. The screen is 7.9 inches with a resolution of 1024×768, the comparatively small screen with low resolution brings a bad effect of playing the high quality images, so that’s what Apple want to change. But until now, it’s still under debating whether to make iPad mini with Retina Display, why? Maybe the cost is one of the reasons. The iPad mini first-gen was $329 when released, and compared with $499 iPad 4, it was really competitive. Also, compared with the 9.7-inch iPad 4, iPad mini has the same aspect ratio, but it is more cute and easier to handle. So iPad mini is popular among young people. But for the sake of reducing costs, the first-generation iPad mini’s screen uses IPS LCD which brings low resolution to iPad mini. For iPad mini 2, designers have been trying to make changes. The bezel of iPad mini 2 has been reduced to make it look like a HTC or Samsung big-size smartphones. And the Retina Display should have been another change, but Apple is still under debating on it. After all, the cost of iPad mini with Retina Display will be higher than first-gen iPad mini. However, the former CEO, Steve Jobs once said, “The user experience is what we care about most”, and that may also be the core spirit of Apple. Since the screen feedback of first-generation iPad mini is not that good, the fruit company may take some measures to deal with it.

    For Apple users, the Retina Display Screen is definitely a necessity. On one hand, the users want to have first-class visual experience on their Apple devices; on the other hand, users like me always want to prove that every penny we have spent on our Apple devices is worthy. If the latest device cannot meet our needs or the latest devices just keep the same as the old ones, we may not spend money buying them. Apple may take the customers’ attitudes into consideration as well. For lots of Apple users, they have already adapted themselves to the Retina Display screen on the Apple devices, and the normal LCD screen will never make the users be satisfied. As Retina Display has already been widely used among the Apple devices, why doesn’t Apple use it on iPad mini 2? If iPad mini with Retina Display is about to com out, it will be worth waiting. The Apple users may also looking forward to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, but no evidence has shown up that this new version of iPhone will be released in the autumn or during 2014.

    iPad mini 2 may not have any software changes, so users are able to sync their old iPad mini with the new one. Syncing iPad mini with iTunes is easy, but if you get stuck when syncing iPad mini with iTunes, you will need an iTunes utility to help.

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  • Focus on WWDC 2013: All iPad Mini 2 Rumors Sum-up

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    Opening worldwide from June 10 to June 14 at the Moscone West in San Francisco, this highly anticipated WWDC 2013 will be worth the wait. The WWDC has been the legendary platform for some major announcements in Apple’s devices, hardware and software. At the countdown for this massive tech giant Apple’s annual developer conference, you may guess what new things can an Apple enthusiast wait for unveiling at this event? Here’s a list of rumored/expected things:

    * iPhone 5S/iPhone 6
    *  iOS 7
    * MacBook Air with Retina
    * 5th generation iPad
    * Apple TV
    * Second generation iPad Mini

    WWDC 2013

    There are a lot of speculations earlier about things being launched at WWDC 2013, today we will get down to concluding the second generation iPad Mini rumors.

    The first generation iPad Mini came to stores to rival with a series of market-hit midsize tablets that mainly include Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. But, the Apple rival has been feeble and less powerful to lock horns with its alternatives. What is more, it has also been missing Apple’s landmark Retina display. So a second upgrade to iPad Mini can ne keenly expected, and it will be rolling out with a Retina display, better processor, a refurbished design and a lot of similar advances.

    Display: flexible?

    Drawn from rumors, the next generation iPad Mini is with 2048×1536 pixel Retina display so that the pixel density of the 7.9-inch screen can achieve to 326ppi which is higher than iPad 4 (264ppi). For the sake that mass production of flexible OLED TV display from LG has started, and more importantly LG has became the display supplier of next generation iPad Mini, there is great possibility the second generation iPad Mini will be equipped with flexible display.

    iPad mini 2

    Appearance: ultra-narrow frame or become thicker?

    News from Holland website MobiLeaks indicates that the next generation iPad Mini is 0.3mm thicker than the first generation iPad Mini (7.5mm VS. 7.2mm). The reason of the increased thickness lies in the fact that there must be sacrifice in hardware upgrades of iPad Mini 2.

    Inner specifications: upgraded camera or vibration function?

    Many people think that iPad Mini 2 will take A6X processor into use, but Holland website MobiLeaks states that next generation iPad Mini will be applied with A7 processor and quad-core GPU. Battery capacity will be improved simultaneously.

    The front-facing camera will be upgraded from 1.2 million pixels to 2 million pixels, at the same time the rear camera will be upgraded from 5 million pixels to 8 million pixels.

    In addition, vibration motor may be added to next generation iPad Mini so as to enrich experience while playing games with this tablet.

    Will iPad Mini 2 debut on WWDC 2013? Just wait and see…

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