• How to rip CSS-protected DVD to AVI format for DVD backup?

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    First of all, to rip CSS-protected DVD to AVI format is possible with DVD decrypter program, but is confined to legal use of the DVD only. CSS-protection measure has long been the practice for preventing commercial DVDs from being copied to hard disk or cloned to reproduction. But we are allowed to use DVD decrypter to clone our expensive store bought CSS-protected DVD for DVD backup. As for DVD backup, it only makes sense to rip DVD to a format with DVD-like quality, smaller size and high portability. So this is why we are going to rip DVD to AVI format for the best DVD backup effort.

    Normally, we need a DVD decrypter and a DVD converter to accomplish the task. But now we have an integrated program with comprehensible interface. It is called Leawo DVD Ripper.

    Leawo DVD Ripper is highly compatible with any CSS-protected DVD. CSS-protected DVD will be recognized and automatically decrypted without our interference. So let’s focus on how to rip DVD to AVI format in high quality, that is, DVD-like quality, smaller size and high portability.

    Here is the Download link to the software. Need more checkups, please visit the DVD Ripper‘s page.

    This is a very comprehensible DVD decrypter/ripper program. Feed the CSS-protected DVD in the DVD-ROM drive and use the "Load DVD" function on the program main interface. Then you will see the complete titles and chapters rolled out on the list more or less like the screenshot below.

    Click open the "Profile" dropdown box, navigate to "Common Video" to make a choice on AVI profiles. We are going to use "Xvid Movie (*.avi)" profile, for the DVD-like picture quality and excellent sound quality. Based on MPEG-4 compression, it can guarantee the best ratio of quality to file size. As Xvid is an open-source codec, Xvid encoded AVI video is highly portable to be played on other PC easily.

    Then click "Settings" to open codec control. You will see a list of codec parameters: Video Codec, Quality, Bit Rate, Video Size, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, etc.

    There are quite a number of parameters set to "auto". It means to program will conduct the Xvid encoding with optimal settings. For beginners, this is a very handy design. But for veterans, it might not be enough to meet your picky demands. So let’s explore the optimal settings for ourselves and gain a better understanding of how the DVD to Xvid AVI conversion works. I am going to manifest the difference among the settings of Bit Rate, the key factor which influences the video quality and file size, by a field-test experiment. Feel compelled to follow me?

    In this experiment, I will rip a 9 second segment of DVD to Xvid AVI in different Bit Rate settings. It is a repetitive action and I think it makes more sense to jump to the conclusion now.

    It is all right if this conclusive data table confuses you. It got me, too, in some senses. LOL. What is behind these data is an equation: File Size = (Video Bit Rate + Audio Bit Rate) * duration /8. If you are perceptive, you would notice this is not an accurate equation and there is small discrepancy between the custom video Bit Rate and the actual video Bit Rate. It is because the Video Bit Rate is vibrant but constant. The actual Video Bit Rate reflects the average of Video Bit Rate. The longer duration of the video is converted, the more approximate the actual Video Bit Rate is to the custom Video Bit Rate.

    Take a 2 hour DVD movie for example, you can be assured to count on the custom Video Bit Rate, say 600, with 128kbps Audio Bit Rate to come up with a 650MB AVI video. ((600+128)*7200/8=655200) By doing this, you have reduced the 4GB DVD movie to 1/6 in size!

    Of course, DVD backup won’t be a valuable one if it doesn’t have DVD-like picture quality. Take a look at the comparison of the screenshots from 600Kbps Video Bit Rate setting, Low Profile, Medium Profile and High Profile.

    Click the links to view the screenshots in full size 720*406.

    600Kbps and Low Profile have just been crossed off because of interior picture quality, while Medium Profile and High Profile are almost the same. If you take the 1.5 times file size multiplication lightly, High Quality Profile is your best choice. Otherwise, Medium Profile is the optimal choice for ripping DVD to Xvid AVI format for DVD backup, with good balance of video quality and file size.

    In conclusion, rip CSS-protected DVD to Xvid format with Medium Profile in Leawo DVD Ripper is the optimal choice for DVD backup. However, this article encourages you to look deeper into the video conversion and use the DVD decrypter/ripper program well. It gives you a picture of how picture quality is in connection with Video Bit Rate. Try to experiment with any Bit Rate setting you want, then you can get the most desirable DVD backup copy of your CSS-protected DVD!

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  • How to join videos to enjoy a video show with Leawo Video Converter?

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    If you are looking for something to make a whole smooth video in replacement for a bunch of video clips, you have a good shoot with Leawo Video Converter. As a versatile video converter program, Leawo Video Converter can snapshot, trim, crop, merge and even watermark the videos. Now let’s see how to join the video clips into a single movie for enjoyment.

    Firstly, drag all the video clips you want to join into Leawo Video Converter, and change the list order according to time series. It is important not to make mistakes upon the order or you will get a wrong result and have to do it all over again. The merge action follows the profile settings you apply to the first video on the list. Take the case below for example, the merged video will be outputted in 3GP format, the screen size and other attributes the same with the first video.

    leawo video converter

    Therefore, you only need to pick a profile for the first video and focus on it only. Leawo Video Converter offers more than 100 choices on output profiles.

    leawo video converter

    You may access advanced profile settings via Settings button. The codec settings regarding the profile you have selected will be revealed. Note that this will be the final settings for output.

    leawo video converter

    Then you can start the merge conversion now. Feel it too long to wait until it finishes? You can set after done actions for the program and just walk away.

    leawo video converter

    Leawo Video Converter is more than joining your videos together. It is a powerful tool for you to make your videos distributable across platforms, portable terminals and internet. Plus, joyful video editing can be experienced as part of its useful features.

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  • How to get my video file smaller with Leawo Video Converter?

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    Leawo Video Converter is a suitable tool to convert between all kinds of videos while it can help you adjust the videos to a desired size, say smaller file for space saving. It involves the knowledge on codec settings, a set of essential parameters for the task. It is easy to learn after all and here is a step by step guide on how to reduce the size of your video file with Leawo Video Converter.

    Step 1, load the videos into Leawo Video Converter for processing. It accepts more than a score of popular video formats, so there is no worry for incompatibility.

    Step 2, select a profile for the file you selected. More than 100 profiles, with reference to common video formats and particular terminal formats, are in crisp order. You may judge on the file extension and the description for one that matches your need.

    Step 3, assuming you have assigned a 3GP profile, then click “Settings” to open codec settings panel. There is a full list of codec settings, dividing into two parts, for you to make distinct differences.

    Video Codec: it is to determine which arithmetic to use in encoding the video. If you have ever uploaded videos to YouTube, you should be acquainted with YouTube’s recommendations on uploaded video format, which are H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Leawo Video Converter has many codec plugins to cover most picky demands.

    Quality: it specifies how much the video quality is to preserve after conversion. High quality usually brings good details on screen with the only holdback of large file size. It is recommended for video backup or broadcasting. When you want to view the video on small screen or memory-tight terminals, low quality is the best choice.

    Bit Rate: it describes the bits per second in the video stream, reflects the video quality and video size in number form.

    Video Size: namely the actual resolution of the video display in full size.

    Frame Rate: it gives the idea of the frames per second in the video stream. A smooth video usually adapts a frame rate higher than 24. If the video contains mostly intense shots, a higher frame rate is required. Otherwise, you can lower the frame rate and reduce redundant frames in a slow motion video.

    Aspect Ratio: it affects the display style on your player. 4:3 is preferred aspect ratio for TV or standard CRT screen, while 16:9 is often favored by wide screen LCD screen.

    Audio Codec: same to video codec, except it is dedicated to audio. A moderate choice is MP3 for its widespread popularity around cyberspace. AAC features a better performance in a smaller file size, preferred on memory-tight cell phones or PMPs. AMR is the best choice for carrying voice because of its slim body, but not suitable for music enjoyment.

    Quality: same as video.

    Bit Rate: same as video. Usually a video file would contain both video stream and audio stream, so the total bit rate will be the sum of video bit rate and audio bit rate.

    Sample Rate: a factor that determines the details of audio. It goes the same as Frame Rate.

    Channels: an audio stream can be single channel (mono), double channel (stereo) or even 5.1 channel (surrounding). It can be easily determined by how many sub sound boxes you have in your audio system.

    There are some important rules to follow before you start the conversion.

    1. do not apply a profile with parameters higher than the present of your video file. It simply doesn’t improve the quality but results in unnecessarily larger file.

    2. the higher is not always the better. For example, you might experience frame drop while watching H.264 videos on your PMP but not the case with MPEG-4. The reason is that your PMP is not strong enough in decoding advanced but complicated format like H.264, so you have to make do with MPEG-4 or MPEG-2.

    3. better not raise too high on frame rate, sample rate and bit rate. Blind pursuit for higher figure does not guarantee a better result, but increase the possibility of low efficiency, such as redundant frames and bloated file size.

    After absorbing quite an amount of knowledge on codec settings, you must eager to practice for the very first time on your own. Leawo Video Converter provides comfortable experience during conversion, such as batch converting and after done actions, brings the task easier and faster to its goal.

    Leawo Video Converter is now on promotion with a big discount, which is a real boon to all users. Anyone seeking an all-in-one converting solution would be remiss to not check it out.

  • How to get screenshot from my video file with Leawo Video Converter?

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    How to get screenshot from my video file with Leawo Video Converter?

    Leawo Video Converter is a versatile video tool which can not only convert between various video formats, but also capture screenshot of the video. It is really helpful when there are no other handy screen capture tools installed on your PC. Maybe you needn’t bother to install one, because Leawo Video Converter has such function available. You can simply take snapshots of your videos and save for future editing, comparing or publishing.

    Firstly, get the video you want to capture a screenshot into Leawo Video Converter. All kinds of video formats are well accepted. It can decode as many videos as a universal media player. Once the files are imported and listed, double clicks on the file title will play the video in the preview windows on the right.

    This time, we just use tricks, take advantage of its thumbnail feature to get screenshot, but not necessarily go through any conversion. During the preview, you can shuffle the slipper on the playbar to facilitate the search for the wanted screen. Then you press the button below with a camera symbol on it to take a snap.

    In “Options -> Preferences” panel, you may decide how the thumbnail function works best for you.

    Acting as a video screenshot tool is one of the handy sidelines Leawo Video Converter is conveniently capable of. With more than 100 output profiles, you can put your videos across platforms, into portable media players, onto internet broadcast sites and so on, allowing you to enjoy videos anytime anywhere.

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  • How to add watermark to video with Leawo Video Converter?

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    How to add watermark to video with Leawo Video Converter?

    Do you have any ideas on how to put a symbol of your company or studio on the product advertising and promoting video clips? It certainly involves some necessary editing with video softwares. Think only world-famous video edit software like Sony Vegas can do it? No. Not at all. Leawo Video Converter, a handy video tool we are going to talk about today, can well be qualified to add logo or text to your video as watermarks. Now let’s further look into it in this article.

    Leawo Video Converter is a professional video converter program, which accepts a good bunch of today’s popular video formats. So there is no need to worry that your video can not be imported as in Windows Movie Maker.


    Select the video you want to add a watermark, and open the Customization panel. Leawo Video Converter is surely an efficient video tool by providing several useful video edit functions: Effect, Trim, Crop, Logo, Text, along with its powerful converting capability.


    The Logo tag is responsible for adding image watermark. You can easily put your company logo above the video, adjusting its position, size and transparency as you like.


    The Text tag is similar to the Logo tag, except it is to apply text as watermark. You can input any text with your favorite font type, size, color and other attributes as in a word processor. Then move the text to the desired position as you can see in the preview window.

    As for the last but not least step, Leawo Video Converter provides sufficient output options for saving the modified video. You can choose from many popular video formats as well as formats that work well on particular portable terminals.


    Leawo Video Converter can convert multiple videos in a batch, keeping on high efficiency. Also, it has intelligent functions to carry out orders once the conversion is completed.


    Now, you should have a good idea on how to add watermark to your videos. Leawo Video Converter suits your need just as giant video software does, but more convenient and efficient.

  • How to crop video for my players with Leawo Video Converter?

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    How to crop video for my players with Leawo Video Converter?

    Many 16:9 aspect ratio videos have horizontal black margins in order to stuff the screen in 4:3 aspect ratio. But these black-margined 4:3 aspect ratio videos will gain extra vertical black margins when playing on widescreen video players like PSP. The black margins simply disturb the video enjoyment and take up unnecessary space, so we need to use a video edit tool to remove them once and for all. Clumsy and sophisticated video edit softwares are obviously out of the question. A slim and responsive video tool, Leawo Video Converter, can bring this task within the reach of everybody. Let’s see how to crop video with Leawo Video Converter.

    Open Leawo Video Converter and load the videos for cropping.

    Then select one of the videos and click on the Customize button to reveal the video edit panel. The panel packs in 5 video edit functions: Effect, Trim, Crop, Logo and Text. The Crop feature is easily found among them.

    There are three ways to crop the videos on the panel.

    1. Use the Letter Box profile. It provides several profiles to easily pinpoint the black margins in common cases.

    2. Adjust the parameters of Top, Left, Right, Bottom to get an accurate crop shape.

    3. Most straightforward is to tell apart the black margins with your naked eye and directly resize the frame on the preview window, representing the output video size.

    The modification will be reflected on Crop Info telling the cropped video size and aspect ratio. When you need to crop the video to match your PMP’s screen, say 320*240, keeping an eye on this information is really helpful.

    After having the video cropped, we have to generate a new video file with this modification. Leawo Video Converter embraces more than 100 output profiles for your choosing, ranging from the popular formats to the fashionable portable players.

    There you have successfully cropped the video with black margins thoroughly removed. Leawo Video Converter can be a very handy tool in handling all kinds of videos and crop their black margins, because it is an ultimate video converter all right.

  • How to get video shorten with Leawo Video Converter

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    People usually record TV programs they are fond of and many more would take clips of daily incidents with their cell phones. The videos taken are often inevitably longer than expected. Therefore such videos are requesting trimming, that is, to cut away unwanted head or tail to shorten the video length and meanwhile keep the file size small and efficient. To accomplish such simple task, you don’t have to bother yourself with industrial level software such as Sony Vegas, because Leawo Video Converter can simply suit your need. You can cut the video in a precision of millisecond; absolutely get rid of the unwanted parts without any remains. Afterwards, Leawo Video Converter outdoes Windows Movie Maker by a big margin with the capability to output videos in many more diverse formats.

    Leawo Video Converter can deal with whatever videos types you get from your recording devices or other sources. Import the video files you would like to trim.


    Then, Click open the Customize window. As you can see below, the tag representing trim function is easily spotted with one glimpse. Select the tag to reveal the trim function panel.


    It doesn’t need much lecturing on how to trim a video, because we cut things with knife everyday, and video trimming should not be more difficult. Here on the panel, the video will play to give you a preview, and then you need to decide on start point and end point of the timeline. More direct way to do so is drag the limiters on the play bar. It is helpful when you are not big on numbers.

    Well, that’s it. Leawo Video Converter makes trimming video just like cutting cucumbers, easy and down to millisecond accuracy. It is also ready for you to output the modified video to all kinds of formats. In Leawo Video Converter‘s profile library, you have more than 100 choices to match specific terminal devices.


    Leawo Video Converter can batch convert any number of trimmed videos for you, and the after done actions are especially helpful for efficiency.


    As a universal video converter which is offered at lower price with equal functions, Leawo Video Converter is a good choice indeed for video enjoyment.


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  • The easiest way to make video effects better with Leawo Video Converter

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    Do you want to make your video look sharp and clear and get rid of the dull color and dark scene? We certainly can do it with a handful of softwares, like the famous Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas. Although these video edit softwares are very strong in doing everything with the videos, they may be too down to the details in edit functions to accommodate simple and quick enhancement on videos. Now you have a light-weight video editor, Leawo Video Converter, to manage it for you. It is a slim and neat video converter, but can suit the need to better video effects in the easiest way. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, audio volume and even deinterlace your videos with Leawo Video Converter, and convert the videos to any format you like via its dedicated feature in video conversion. In this article, let’s learn how to make video effects better step by step.

    First of all, Open Leawo Video Converter and import the video you want to edit. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, most of the videos are supported for input, because Leawo Video Converter is a universal video converter program.


    Then, select any one of the videos on the list and click open the Customization panel. It will set up a control pad where you can start to do changes with the videos.


    Let’s see how to use the settings above to enhance the video effect.

    If the source video shows a little dim, just slide up the brightness so that more details will be revealed on the screen. The brightness control usually works in company with the contrast to compensate for color distortion. Move the sliders and search for the best enhancement you need. It is easy to feel the changes since the adjustment is displayed real-time in the preview window.

    Deinterlace can also contribute to video enhancement. Sometimes you may have videos which are sequence of interlaced picture frames, that is, frame composed of even scanlines followed by frame of odd scanline and repeated. This composition of video is usually generated by some video recorders and works originally on TV with electronic scanlines. Leawo Video Converter offers deinterlace function that will combine the scanlines of even field and odd field, making the video more comfortable for watching on LCD screen and more suitable for further editing.

    Same way goes for Audio Volume enhancement. It is rather disturbing when you have to struggle to tell apart the voice in the movie or feel intense of striking shouts and cries. Leawo Video Converter can help put the sound volume back to acceptable level.

    Apart from video effect enhancement, Leawo Video Converter is capable of trimming, cropping, logo and text applying. Although the terms may be a little raw to your ears, it is not difficult to adapt at all. Finish the video customization and save the video in any format you like. Leawo Video Converter is a powerful video converter all right.

    It is capable of more than 100 kinds of output which are canned in profiles and optimized. Just choose any of the output profile and start converting and saving.



    Congratulations! So far so good. You have already got the ability to better every video you have. With a slim body and ultimate format support plus genuinely useful video edit features, Leawo Video Converter can best suit your need to do essential things with diverse videos. Download it and have a try for yourself!

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