• Help reduce greenhouse gas when using Leawo Video Converter

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    Maybe you have no idea of how Leawo Video Converter can do anything to reduce greenhouse gas. So let’s start with the facts.

    Hundreds of millions of computers are running every second on earth, thanks to the blooming economy and the exploding technology development. Personal computers take a lion’s share of the sum. Awesome as the fact reflects, it is raising alarms that a large number of these terminals are contributing to the step-up of global warming. How could a set of PC have something to do with the global issue? Look, there is an average power consumption of 200 warts in a PC, and the global aggregate should go up to billions of warts per second. That’s a huge figure. Coming of convenience and mostly unawareness, people often let their terminals on idling with nothing more to do. Assuming there are 1 million computers running concurrently all over the world at a power consumption rate of 200 warts, there are approximately 46 tons of CO2 being produced per hour, equal to the amounted weight of 200 elephants.

    The topic of global warming is not the exclusivity of the high profile government officials. Every one of us has the same duty to assume. To help reduce greenhouse gas, it is easy yet wise to cut your computer power consumption when it is idling. Turn it off when it has finished your work. A kind advice is that if you are using Leawo Video Converter or any other Leawo’s video converter programs, make sure to have the option of “Shut down computer after conversion” on when there is a long list of videos to be processed. It can raise your efficiency so that you can get around doing something else and the energy efficiency as well. The more of you remember to do so will save the earth from tons of killing greenhouse gases. Let’s start contributing to the sustainable development of our planet by small things.

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  • Leawo DVD Ripper, A Good E-Learning Tool

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    As we know, Auguest and September are the months for students’s to come back-to-school time every year. Most students are urgently find and figure out the E-Learning tool for their coming term’s study. To reduce your finding work, there I would like to recommend one to you. It’s Leawo DVD Ripper!

    About Leawo DVD Ripper

    Leawo DVD Ripper is a practical and handy utility in our everyday life. This DVD Converter can be used to rip and convert DVD to video in all pop formats, includes AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, VOB, MPEG, 3GP, etc. Meanwhile, this E-learning tool also can rip and extract DVD to MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, WMA, etc. audio file.

    Besides, this DVD Ripper allows our students to edit DVDs video and audio file for some specific learning demands. For example, crop DVD black margin; trim DVD duration, customize output effects, etc.

    How it works for E-Learning?

    Leawo DVD Ripper can meet the following demands when it’s used as an E-Learning Tool:

    1. Convert DVD lectures and course of study to video for Portable Devices’ learning anywhere and anytime. As the development of the E-learning field, more and more school teachers fully make use of some tools for teaching. As a wonderful storage medium, DVD disc is also widely used in teaching field. Then we can find that many subject courses and leactures are distributed and shared in DVD disc.

    However, there is a problem for students to learn with DVD disc. Our students have to and stay at home or dormitory to play the DVD disc with a PC or DVD player for learning and review the course. Obviously, it’s too unconvenient for us. It should be better if there is a tool that enables us to learn the course from DVD disc everywhere.

    Then Leawo DVD Ripper is your best choice. Leawo DVD Ripper can rip and convert the lectures and course in DVD to video in all formats that are supported by most Portable Media Devices, such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, Zune, Mobile Phones, Xbox 360, BlackBerry, etc. After transferred the converted file, you can easily learn lectures and course on Portable Media Devices anywhere, even on the movement of bus stop, subway, etc.

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    2. Rip and extract claasic DVD movie dialogue for foreign language study. My mother-language is Chinese. But in order to study English, I always listen English original sound movie to practice my listening and speaking skills since I studied in University. It’s really a good way to improve English. Similarly, you can learn other foreign language like Chinese in this way.

    Leawo DVD Ripper can easily rip DVD movies and extract the audio file to save as MP3, AAC, AC3, WMA, M4A, etc. To save your Portable devices’s space, it also enables you to trim duration to keep the necessary part. Thus you can talk and chat with the worldwide super stars in real time.

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    At last, I would like to sum the essay up with three phrases – conceive your teachers’ class and lecture DVDs in your brain, convert to DVD and video for easy review, frequently listen original sound movie for foreign language learning. Just do utmost to guide yourself go through a transition shock from wild summer leisure to regular school life.

    Go and download Leawo DVD Ripper Now!

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