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    In recent months, iPhone 5S rumors have swiped through the internet like a tornado. Apple funs and faddists who plan to purchase a new smart phone are spouting off all kinds of rumors about the next generation of iPhone, which is most probably called iPhone 5S. But there’s also another rumor that Apple will skip iPhone 5S and directly launch iPhone 6, which has no any evidence until now. Now let’s go to explore rumors and news about the release date, spec, price and features of the upcoming iPhone 5S together.

    Anticipated iPhone 5S pictures

    1. Release date of iPhone 5S

    Speculated by the release date of the iPhone 5 and 4S in October, the iPhone 5S will probably hit stores in the fall of 2013, about in the late August or September this year, so it’s not hard to understand people’s mood of excitement and expectation.

    2. Fingerprint scanning tech

    Leaked and claimed by Reuters, Apple’s next generation iPhone 5S will have an embedded fingerprint scanner on the Home button to provide enhanced security and also other features. It is said that the advanced fingerprint scanner will employ technology gained from the AuthenTec acquisition. The specific working principle of the tech will be revealed soon in the coming two months.

    3. Upgraded iOS 7 system and A7 processor

    iOS 7 beta 2 has just been announced and we can bet that the iPhone 5S will launch with the advanced iOS 7, which has been greatly overhauled, making it look more like Android. With the massively overhauled iOS 7 and A7 processor, the processing speed of iPhone 5S will be ultra-fast.

    4. Dual-LED Smart Flash, larger battery & new SoC

    From the leaked photos, we can see changes in 3 main parts: the iPhone 5S will have a dual-LED flash on the back, a larger battery (5.92 watt-hours vs. 5.45 Wh for the iPhone 5), and a new SoC.

    5. High-quality display assembly

    Confirmed by BGR, the purported iPhone 5S will get an extensive internal overhaul on the new panel design that allows it to fit on the tweaked logic board from the new iPhone 5S. The internal design differences include Mobile accessory and component retailer TVC-Mall. The iPhone 5S display size and resolution will probably be the same 4-inch 1136×640 unit.

    6. 13MP Camera

    The camera specs of each of the previous models of Apple have been improved consistently. The 4MP ultra pixel camera of HTC One has upset Apple for some time, while, revealed by iLounge, Apple won’t go down HTC route, and will instead launch iPhone 5S with a 13MP camera, similar to the camera of Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4.

    7. New gold color available for iPhone 5S

    It’s rumored that Apple’s iPhone 5S will come in a new gold color in addition to the traditional white and black colors, which adds a bit vitality to its appearance and provide more choices to the customers.

    8. Cheaper price

    We know that the biggest rivals of Apple iPhone is Samsung smartphone, when the latest Galaxy S4 has been released on April this year, Apple has obviously been a bit anxious. Apple will probably cut the price of the iPhone 5S to be around $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for 64GB. And Apple may launch a cheaper version of iPhone in plastic casing with a retail price marked only $99.

    9. Cheaper version in plastic casing with more colors choice

    Another purported model accompanied with iPhone 5S is a cheaper version targeted at the middle and low-end market. It is said that the cheaper version of iPhone will come in plastic casing with 5-6 colors available, which adds a bit fashion twist to iPhone and will surely attract a younger generation of consumers. But the launch time of the cheaper version may be delayed until next year.

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