• 7 Steps to Organize a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

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    Besides prepare a good PowerPoint file, to make your PowerPoint presentation successful you need to:

    • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
    • Convince your audience you are worth listening to.
    • Deliver information that is understood and appreciated.
    • Keep your audience listening and engaged from the beginning.

    Here is a 7-step guide on how to organize a perfect PowerPoint presentation. It deals with what/when/how you should do something.

    Step 1: Begin with your big message.

    A big message is the main thing you want your audience to know about you. It is boring to hear so many presenters wasting the most important opening minutes with the standard “Thank you for …” or “My name is …”. So start with the big message to set you apart from other presenters and convince your audience they need you. Then you may introduce yourself.

    Step 2: Organize your content in 3 or 4 main topics.

    People tends to find reasons for everything so if your PowerPoint presentation seems reasonable to them, they can understand it better. So you need to organize it into a coherent structure so it makes sense and organize into to 3 or 4 topics for easier remembering and understanding. Let’s say you divide the presentation into 3 topics and organize the rest of content go under the 3 headings. So even if you talk really long and the audience may forget the details, they will still remember the main topics.

    Step 3: Reinforce your big message with a visual illustration.

    Pictures are always more memorable than words. Especially when you need to use many words to explain one thing, why not use a picture to show what it is. For example, when you need to deal with some statistics, it’s better to create a chart than use plain words.

    If you are allowed to make the picture humorous, it will be better.

    Step 4: Eliminate as much text as you can; your slides are a visual aid not a reading exercise.

    Good eye contact is the key of a successful PowerPoint presentation. You cannot eye contact with the audience if they are busy reading from the screen. So only the bullet points and key words should be remained on the slides. Since people can only concentrate on one thing at a time so they cannot listen to you while they are reading.

    Step 5: Don’t print the PowerPoint slides as handouts; create separate documents.

    PowerPoint slides and documents have so many differences like backgrounds, fonts, etc. PowerPoint slides looks good on screens but not on papers. You’d better create reader-friendly documents because they are readable and people actually read them.

    Step 6: End your presentation by returning to your opening big message.

    Once you finish delivering content, repeat the big message you began with–to remind your audience what sets you apart. What’s more, when you end where you began, your presentation has the seamless and satisfying quality of a good performance.

    Step 7: Practice with a coach before the real presentation.

    These wonderful dances or programs on TV are the results of the rehearsals you cannot see behind the stage. So a good coach can make your PowerPoint presentation more professional. It is really difficult to do things well at the first try. So practice some times and your coach will check you make good eye contact and speak conversationally.

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