• How to get screenshot from my video file with Leawo Video Converter?

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    How to get screenshot from my video file with Leawo Video Converter?

    Leawo Video Converter is a versatile video tool which can not only convert between various video formats, but also capture screenshot of the video. It is really helpful when there are no other handy screen capture tools installed on your PC. Maybe you needn’t bother to install one, because Leawo Video Converter has such function available. You can simply take snapshots of your videos and save for future editing, comparing or publishing.

    Firstly, get the video you want to capture a screenshot into Leawo Video Converter. All kinds of video formats are well accepted. It can decode as many videos as a universal media player. Once the files are imported and listed, double clicks on the file title will play the video in the preview windows on the right.

    This time, we just use tricks, take advantage of its thumbnail feature to get screenshot, but not necessarily go through any conversion. During the preview, you can shuffle the slipper on the playbar to facilitate the search for the wanted screen. Then you press the button below with a camera symbol on it to take a snap.

    In “Options -> Preferences” panel, you may decide how the thumbnail function works best for you.

    Acting as a video screenshot tool is one of the handy sidelines Leawo Video Converter is conveniently capable of. With more than 100 output profiles, you can put your videos across platforms, into portable media players, onto internet broadcast sites and so on, allowing you to enjoy videos anytime anywhere.

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