• How to Put the Wallpapers on Your iPhone & iPod Touch?

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    Have you been bored by the default wallpaper on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Do you have an impulse to replace them all with the ones taken and designed by yourself? This article will guide you through the steps of putting wallpapers on Your iPhone of iPod Touch. You would find it like shooting fish in a barrel!

    First of all, search and download your favorite iPhone or iPod wallpapers, which have an immense library of beautiful wallpapers for iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Because iPhone integrates iPod Touch, the wallpapers for iPod Touch can be used on iPhone as well. Now, you may find the rest of the steps very familiar to you.

    ★ After you download the wallpaper, you should connect you iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC and open iTunes.
    ★ Drag the wallpaper file into iTunes and sync them to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
    ★ Browse and view the wallpaper file on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
    ★ Click open the context menu and select Use As Wallpaper.

    You have given your iPhone or iPod Touch a new life with a unique wallpaper! But you may still want to ask: What if I would like other pictures than the prepared ones, is it possible to set pictures that are not of the same resolution of my iPhone or iPod Touch? YES, it is of course possible. Since the visual effects are determined by how the picture fits the screen, so before you get your fancy pictures to be the wallpaper you want, you have to see to the rules below.

    Tips 1: The first and best rule to make your picture fit the screen is to crop it to the exact resolution of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use a photo editing software like Picasa or Adobe Photoshop to assist you. You should set the reproduction resolution as 320*480 which matches the screen resolution of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

    Tips 2: If the picture has a large resolution like 1280*800 and you want the most of it on screen, you can follow the second rule: match the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of iPhone or iPod Touch is 1.5, while that of your 1280*800 picture is 1.6. So you should crop the picture to 1200*800, of which the aspect ratio is 1.5, in order to avoid image distortion.

    Once you have done editing the picture, you should go over the steps mentioned above to set it as your favorite wallpaper.

    Colorful wallpapers to fresh your mood any time.

    wallpaper1 wallpaper2 wallpaper3

    Get more iPhone and iPod wallpapers!

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