Leawo DVD Ripper Getting Started

Leawo DVD Ripper is a competent DVD converter capable of ripping DVD to common video and audio in the format of your choice. The program lets you convert DVD for playback on various mobile devices and media players, edit DVD movies with built-in editor and create 3D video out of 2D DVD.

Leawo DVD Ripper gets both trail and registered versions. The trail version only processes the first 5-minute content of the source DVD files.

Top Menu Introduction

1. Click file-button button on program top menu, then choose Load DVD option to load DVD source from DVD disc or DVD folder.


2. Click edit-button button on program top menu to do some editing. You could Rename source files; Clear all loaded DVD files; Check All or Uncheck All DVD titles; Check Chapters or Uncheck Chapters; Merge multiple DVD titles or chapters into one single file at will; edit source DVD files via Media Edit; get Media Information and reset video/audio parameters via Settings.


3. Move to tools-button menu, you can choose Options to do some advanced settings about the program itself. Choose Language option to set desired program interface language. 13 types of interface languages are provided: English, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


The detailed settings about program itself can be seen as below:


Under General section, you can reset Output directory to save ripped DVD files, and choose the frequency to check program update automatically in the sub-menu of Enable automatic update check. Once un-checking the Enable automatic update check box, the program will never receive the updates information.

Under Conversion section, you can do some converting settings like Enable Streaming MP4 Video, Enable DVD Navigator, Enable Deinterlacing. The settings relevant to output file already existed could be done on Output File Exist box. Setting CPU Core numbers are also accessible on this section.

Leawo DVD Ripper allows you to take screenshots while previewing source DVD files with program built-in player. So under Thumbnail section, you can choose desired Image Format (PNG, BMP or JPG) as the output; choose to keep the original screenshot size or customize the screenshot size thru adjusting Width and Height on Image Size box; reset screenshot output directory on Save to box; and choose to Display image after thumbnail or not.

Under Connection section, you can check Use Proxy box and do some proxy settings including Host, Port, Proxy Type, Username and Password. You could even Get IE Proxy in this section.

4. Enter into help-button menu, you will find the Help option points to Leawo DVD Ripper user guide. The Home Page option leads you to the product page of Leawo DVD Ripper. The Support option takes you to Leawo’s support center. The Register option provides you the path to activate Leawo DVD Ripper with registration code. The Check for updates option is clickable to find the newest upgrades on Leawo DVD Ripper. The Bug Reporter option gives you the direct access to send all encountered bugs to Leawo. You can even click About option to check the current version information of Leawo DVD Ripper.




1. Load DVD Source.

Simply click load-dvd-button button on program menu bar, or choose Load DVD option on file-button menu to load DVD source from DVD disc or DVD folder. After loading, some settings as below can be done.


preview-button: When a DVD title is selected, you can click this button to preview the source files with program built-in player. You can even double click every DVD title to play it back.

pause-button: You could press this button to pause the video playback during preview.

stop-buton: By clicking this button, you can stop the video preview.

volume-adjusting-button: You can drag the slider to adjust video playback volume.

snapshot-button: Click this button to open its drop-down menu. You can choose Snapshot option to take screenshots out of source movie. Choose Open Snapshot Folder to find all output snapshots. Choose Change Snapshot Folder to reset saving folder for output snapshots.

blu-ray-ripper-subtitle-button: Open its drop-down menu to choose desired subtitle for output.

blu-ray-ripper-audio-button: Open its drop-down menu to choose desired audio tracks for output.

clear-button: Click this button to delete all imported DVD files.

register-button: Click this button at program upper right to register the DVD Ripper. Full program features and free updates will be embraced after registration.

Tips: All options on Edit menu could be founded while you right click a DVD title.


2. Do Output Settings.

Open the Profile selecting menu to choose desired output profile from various preset profiles. You can take use of the profile search bar for quick profile setting. You are allowed to customize Profile interface just via clicking the Customise button. After clicking Customise button and entering into the Profile Customise menu, you can choose which profile groups appear on the Profile menu at will.


If needed, you can simply click settings-button button next to the Profile box to reset video and audio parameters, including Video/Audio Codec, Quality, Audio Quality, Video Size, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Sample Rate, Aspect Ratio, Channels. The adjusted video and audio parameters could be saved as a new profile for later use, just via clicking Save as button on Settings menu.


More settings here:


video-quality-button: Open its drop-down list and choose desired output video quality from Custom, Low, Medium, and High.

audio-quality-button: Open its drop-down list and chose desired audio quality from Custom, Low, Medium and High.

browse-button: Click the Browse button to change the output saving folder.

open-button: Click the Open button to find the output file.

apply-to-all: Check Apply to all box to apply changes to all DVD sources.

dvd-ripper-merge-button: Check Merge into one file box, the program will merge all source files into one file after conversion.


3. Edit Source Video (Optional)

Select one source file, click edit button on program menu bar or right click your chosen file to choose Media Edit option to enter into Video Edit menu. You can trim video length, crop video size, add special effects and watermark to the video in Video Edit menu.



How to trim video length

How to crop video size

How to adjust video effect

How to apply image or text watermark


4. Convert 2D DVD to 3D (Optional)

Simply click the 3d-icon button on program toolbar or click the 3d-button button behind each DVD title or chapter to enter into the 3D Settings panel. You are allowed to convert 2D DVD to 3D video with 6 different 3D modes supported: Red/Cyan, Red/Green, Red/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side. You can change 3D depth in 3D Depth box.

Please check more details on how to create 3D movies here.



5. Rip DVD to Common Video/Audio.

Click big Convert button at the bottom right to start the DVD ripping process.

During the conversion, you can click pause-button-1 button to pause the conversion; click skip-button button to skip one conversion task. You can even click the Cancel button at the bottom right to cancel the whole DVD conversion.


After conversion, you can choose to Do Nothing from After Conversion drop-down list, or choose Open Output Folder to find converted files, or even choose Shutdown computer to turn off your computer automatically after finishing the conversion.

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