Leawo DVD Copy Getting Started

Leawo DVD Copy is a professional and powerful DVD copy and clone software program, which could copy DVD content to computer or blank DVD disc with lossless quality. The program is capable of:

  • Copy DVD to DVD disc, file folder and ISO Image file
  • Support 1:1 disc to disc duplication – Copy DVD9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5
  • Compress DVD9 to DVD-5 with high quality
  • Copy CSS-DVD contents to computer or disc

Leawo DVD Copy is accessible on both trail and registered versions. The trail version only copies several titles of DVD source.

Top Menu Introduction

After you launch Leawo DVD Copy, you can click top-menu-button button on program upper right to open its drop-down box.


1. Click settings-button option to do program settings on the pop-up menu.

The detailed settings about program itself can be checked below.

Under Setting>General menu, you can reset the program Work space; choose to Delete temporary files and Shut down computer automatically after DVD copy or not. You can even set program Update as Auto update, Manual update or Update every 7 days.


Under Setting>Connection menu, you can choose to check Use Proxy option or not. If you check the option, you can do some proxy settings including Host, Port, Proxy type, Username and Password.


Under Setting>Advance menu, you can choose the Default video mode out of PAL and NTSC, and select Source region code from program provided options.


2. Click blu-ray-copy-lauguage-button option to choose desired program interface language. 10 types of interface languages are provided for choice: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

3. Click blu-ray-copy-registration-button option to activate Leawo DVD Copy with registration code.

4. Click blu-ray-copy-buy-button option to visit the purchase page of Leawo DVD Copy on Leawo.com.

5. Click blu-ray-copy-online-guide-button option to visit Leawo DVD Copy user guide page on Leawo.com.

6. Click blu-ray-copy-support-forum-button option to visit Leawo’s support center.

7. Click blu-ray-copy-bug-reporter-button option to send all bugs of Leawo DVD Copy to Leawo.

8. Click blu-ray-copy-update-button option to find the newest version of Leawo DVD Copy.

9. Click blu-ray-copy-about-button option to find the current version information of Leawo DVD Copy.

10. Click blu-ray-copy-exist-button option to exist the program.

Copy and Backup DVD

1. Load DVD Source Files

Open the drop-down box of source-button, you can choose to load DVD source files from DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO Image file as you like.


2. Set Output Target

Open the drop-down box of target-button, you can choose your needed output type from program provided 3 options – disc, DVD folder and ISO Image File. Note that you can select DVD disc as the output only when your computer gets additional DVD drive and you insert a blank disc into the drive.


3. Do Other Essential Settings

Open the drop-down box of disc-type-button, you can choose the output disc type from DVD-5 and DVD-9. You can even choose the output copy mode out of Full Movie, Main Movie and Custom Movie under copy-mode-button section; and add disc-label-button by manually inputting.



1. The Full Movie copy mode means you can copy and backup the whole DVD content. The Main Movie copy mode means you can copy the longest episode in source DVD content. The Custom Mode means you can freely choose which episodes to copy. Once you choose Custom Mode, the program will automatically lead to the preview menu for desired episodes selection.

2. While you choose Main Movie or Custom Mode as the copy mode, you can click more-info-button button, then preview the DVD source files, select desired audio track and subtitle for output on the pop-up menu.

3. Once you select one DVD title, you can click play-button button to play and preview it. Click pause-button button to pause the preview, and click stop-button button to stop the preview.

4. You are allowed to select desired audio track and subtitle for output on the pop-up menu, just via opening the drop-down boxes audio-selection-button of  and subtitle-selection-button.


4. Start Copying DVD

Click bottom-right button start-button to start copying DVD source files to DVD disc, file folder or ISO Image File. Freely check the copying status on program main interface.


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