Top 20 Websites for Watching Skateboarding Videos

May 27, 2013 / Posted by Webber on Supported Devices

Skateboarding is now a world famous extreme sport, it is said that more than 100 million skaters all over the world, more and more teenagers become keen on skateboarding not only because it looks cool but also because it gains our courage to face with new challenges, a success after a hundred failures will still make you happy and gain your self-confidence.


And here are many famous skaters in the US, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Chris Cole, Torey Pudwill, Chaz Ortiz, Ryan Schekler and so on. They all have their unique styles which are attractive to their fans. Some fans imitate their styles including clothes, hairstyle, shoes and so on; others liking watching their idols’ videos to imitate the way they doing tricks. For the clothes stuff, I may not be able to help, but for watching skateboarding videos, I think the following websites of skateboarding videos may be helpful:

2. Transworld:
3. Skateboarder Magazine:
4. Youtube:
5. The Skate Spot:
6. Skate Videos Online:
7. Vimeo:
8. Alli Skate:
9. Thrasher:,com_hwdvideoshare/Itemid,90/lang,en/
10. Digital Skateboarding:
11. Skate Camz:
12. HD Skateboarding:
13. ESPN:
14. Boston Skateboarder:
15. Evsdesigns:
16. Fourduos Texas Skateboarding:
17. Tumblr:
18. Sbcskateboard:
19. Extreme:
20. Spot Skate Shop:

All these websites are free to watch skateboarding videos, and you can search for your favorites. Some of the websites are famous video sharing websites; some of them are professional skateboarding e-magazines; and some of them are well-known skateboarding manufacturing companies’ public webpages, so watching skateboarding videos online is with ease. For some websites for example Youtube, you are able download the videos onto your PC and enjoy them without complex searching for each time you want to watch. If you want to learn some tricks while skating, you would love to transfer the videos from PC to iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.

By the way, the 21st of June is the Go Skateboarding Day, don’t forget to get ready to show your style and skill on that day!

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